How I Cured My Social Media Addiction

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No one can deny that social media has some value. It allows us to connect and network with others, contend with social norms, allow self-expression, remain tech savvy, create new opportunities, and grow our brands. But despite the many benefits, social media can have its drawbacks.

In my case, social media became an addiction. I was constantly tweeting or posting and I quickly became obsessed with growing my social media accounts. This led to #FOMO or fear of missing out. I couldn’t allow ten minutes to go by without checking my iPhone. And soon I was waking up in the middle of the night just to check on my social media accounts.

After a while my social media addiction effected my health and I became overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed. I was completely exhausted from the lack of sleep. I was grumpy at work and I had a short fuse. It also impacted my career where I had substituted in-person networking for social media just so I could increase my digital footprint.

As a Gen Xer, I couldn’t help but look back and reflect on a time when we didn’t have social media. We didn’t have smart phones and the internet was just a baby. A time when Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist. Then I remembered how peaceful my life was, and how much more enjoyable my experiences were because I was able to focus on the present.

It didn’t take long before I got up the courage to cancel all four of my social media accounts. I said my final goodbyes to Facebook, Twitter*, Pinterest,  and Instagram. 

Guess what? 

Not only did I survive, but changes were dramatic! I am much calmer, sleeping soundly, and more focused. Even better, I never miss out on the small but beautiful things about life that used to pass me by.

*In full disclosure, I have since gone back to Twitter, but I only use it sparingly.










Practice Tolerance: It Makes the World a Better Place

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We are all different. And regardless of gender, race, religion, politics, or sexual orientation – we still share the same world. Therefore, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we practiced a little more tolerance?


Defining Simplicity and Breaking Free from the Marionettist

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When asked what it means to simplify their lives, most people would give a simplistic response. They would say the word simplify means to make their lives easier. This, of course, is the correct answer – but it’s a rather elementary and rudimentary answer at best.

When I think about Continue reading “Defining Simplicity and Breaking Free from the Marionettist”

Perfectionism: It’s All Just An Act

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Does it sometimes appear that everyone around you has their act together but you? You hear their stories and think to yourself “wow” they really have it together. They brag about it during chats around the water cooler. They discuss it over lattes. And they boast about it on their blogs and in social media. It seems Continue reading “Perfectionism: It’s All Just An Act”